Fletcher Removals and Light Haulage


We offer an inexpensive, reliable, secure and safe storage solution, providing a complete service including long and short-term container storage facilities.

We expanded our service into storage to provide a simple solution for anyone looking to store something. 

The storage services we offer include;

  • Cost effective storage solutions
  • Long or short term as you require
  • Clean, dry and fully secure storage 
  • We collect and drop off at your property
  • 1,280ft3 capacity shipping container (20×8×8ft)
  • 250ft3 capacity wooden container (7x7x5ft)

All of our storage services revolve around making it really easy to get anything stored away until you need to access it. Whether saving office space, de-cluttering your home whilst it goes up for sale or leaving university for summer, the service is always the same.

Get in touch with us to discuss your storage requirements.